Important of Hiring Right E-Commerce Web Development Company


ecomA typical discussion between the owner of an E-commerce web store and the online marketing manager usually revolves around how many orders did they receive today.  As a business owner, they are not bothered about how much traffic received or what is the percentage of unique visitors to the website. At the end of the month what matters them the most is – Sales and Revenues that month. For a moment, the owner may be happy to know they are ranking above their competitors, however, the bottom line is how much more they are earning ahead of the competitors makes them happier.  

Running an online web-store is as difficult as running a brick-a-mortar business involving similar nitty-gritty of managing the business. The only difference is that in an in-store, we can see a prospective customer and can convince them or address their concerns on the spot but for a prospective customer online, we can only know they are there on the web store but cannot fully address their concerns. 

Let us take a step back and discuss the phase where the actual web-store will be developed. It is crucial to understand the importance of hiring the right E-commerce web development company in Delhi to build your E-commerce web store as an ineffective and not so customer friendly website will only harm your business by driving away prospective customers. 

 It has been researched that over 60% of online business closes within 6 months of their business for their disregards for customer buying experience and poor website design. Additionally, it has also been shown that your website design has an impact on your business bottom line. 

 Majority of web stores out there are worst at converting traffic into sales. The root cause for this failure is hiring the wrong and inexperienced design and application development agency by the entrepreneurs. It is not their entire faults either as most of the salespeople are good at disguising their inexperienced team by offering unbelievable project cost. FireShot Capture 114 - Ecommerce Website Development company_ - https___www.webnetcreatives.net_ecThis way entrepreneurs end up having an ineffective and poorly developed web store which is ready to start an unsuccessful journey. Even with the best marketing promotion, it would be difficult to generate sales as the web store isn’t designed for conversion. Hiring the wrong development team will only harm your prospect of making a successful online venture. 

An E-commerce website is a special platform that will help achieve your business goals and anything short of that will only be destined for failure. So, hire the right experienced E-commerce experts who have prior experience developing successful web stores that are still running and generating sales. 

Discuss about the cart abandonment rate (CAR) with the development agency and how they have addressed to reduce the percentage by their skills and capabilities for their clients. 

Major E-commerce website design agencies use landing page optimization techniques and conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategies to enhance traffic conversion  and generate orders online. With the majority of traffic coming from mobile devices, the E-commerce web store should be responsive to provide uniform custom buying experience across desktop and mobile platforms. 

Experienced E-commerce shopping cart application development agencies adopt mobile-first strategy while developing websites and web applications. This means the application developed is first designed for mobile devices and then for then the desktop platforms. 

Thus behind every successful E-commerce business, an effective and high conversion web store is present, which is designed and developed by expert application development agencies.


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